• Nasreen Variyawa


Rise for the heart that was torn

Rise for the war that you fought

Rise for those that let you down

Rise ‘cos you didn’t drown, Rise!

Rise because it is you who bled

Rise because of the tears you ahead

Rise ‘cos you’re a beacon of hope

Rise ‘cos you’re the light that glows, Rise!

Rise ‘cos you loved them so

Rise ‘cos they didn’t know

Rise ‘cos you didn’t lose

Rise ‘cos you weren’t a snooze, Rise!

Rise for the integrity you learnt

Rise ‘cos life left you burnt

Rise for the roads that were rough

Rise ‘cos you proved you were tough, Rise!

Rise ‘cos of the stories you tell

Rise ‘cos you spell

Rise ‘cos you’re the icon of strength

Rise ‘cos you refused to bend, Rise!

Rise for the road ahead

Rise ‘cos you’re alive, not dead

Rise for the goals that are bigger

Rise for the desire to be better, Rise!

Rise ‘cos your role is vital

Rise ‘cos you’re teaching survival

Rise for the path you took

Rise for your new book, Rise!

Rise ‘cos you worked so hard

Rise ‘cos you hold the trump card

Rise as you continue to thrive

Rise ‘cos you do more than survive, Rise!

Rise for the talent that you have

Rise for the ship that you drive

Rise for the doors you now open

Rise for the path that you’ve chosen, Rise!

Rise, for daring to dream

Rise for the vision you’ve weaved

Rise for daring to try

For reaching new heights, Rise

Rise heroes rise!



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